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haha idek i usually watch all games but just not feeling a rags game tonite um... My ability to take pain is pathetic it's kappa time Why am I the only one that's on time anywhere?? We can't have practice unless people actually show up lmfaooooo it's ok Lincoln, you've been dead for years... We didn't expect it last night. only 3 more days babe! Just because i had to explain this scene to a bunch of 13-14 yr olds the other day..... Classic. I'm cooling with my young'ins. & what we smoke 1Hunna . Bang...Bang Bang!! Hola! Como estas? no, el sol se asomó a ver mi escote. haha I tan like a greekgod one thing 1D can't steal the idea of is WantedWednesday sell Gold because their band name doesn't associate with a day not even their own names [Sports]: Champions League 1/2: 1st Leg

TrueWords ": Nothing hurts more than realizing that she meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to her." sell Holy poo. 10ThingsIFindAttractive wait this is most important... An ACTIVE muslim where is my spring weather? ugh De nuevo los vaqueros haciendo todo lo posible por perder... Hasta cuando hasta cuando... Podrán soportar la presión En cours de science : 10% en train d'apprendre et d'écrire. 90% en train de se demander comment les Gold scientifiques ont eu de telles idées. What went into Newsweek's Mad Men-themed issue? WATCH Tina Brown, Eleanor Clift and team explain:

ProtegidosOrigen5 TT worldwide? cago en la madre,yo sin poder verlo porque no me va la tele T_T Woke up with one side of my throat completely numb, sniffling, & coughing. Wind Street is a germ heaven, I swear, gives me colds every time! no se podia estar ayer, casi me tienen q amputar las manos eh JAJAJAJAJ era zarpadisimo el frio q hacia ni en la sur zafaba El Kindle táctil llega a España: comienza a vender dos nuevos modelos de su libro electrónico pero no ... *When my parents are asleep* "Shhh! They are sleeping!" *When I am asleep* "Lets vaccum the house for 3 hours" El CD de Grachi2 salio hoy a las tiendas en Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay!!! TODOS a las tiendaaaas! Esta buenisisimo!

Going live now: mee seguis? WAR Rogerio!!! Rogério estamos com você!!! Te detesto !!!! Jajajajajaja I'm playing the is he a hipster or is he a hobo game despertando recien ke tengan un buen domingo Finding someone that makes you happy is one of the best things ever Le queda perfecto el lunar vecinabella Trying to put DD to bed and i've already been asked to 1) turn the fan on 2) refill water 3) put her blanket on. Come on 'kid. What's next? : Would you rather get shot on the face or have your throat slit ear to ear? how you get shot ON the face haha? Ron Washington said small ball before game...Jackson not quick to home, let's see if Andrus runs. hahaha I'm a boss at that game. I always rock the "last night's makeup" couture im full of major lolz, what can i say.... Yen Shaun in WALDORF MD is hiring a Branding Consultant Branding Logo Logos Design Designer

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