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Belize has one international Airport in Belize City, the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport and it is located ~2 hours from the city and venue. The airport is the destination of bigger U.S. and European airlines. You may have your prefered website to buy plane tickets. The Central American airlines is TACA (Please note that their offers can differ and sometimes don't even appear in common websites).


Getting to Belize by land is a viable option for people coming from Central American countries. There are some companies where you can get information about possible itineraries, costs and travel time from your country to the Guatemala border to Belize varies. But is only ~15 minutes from the city and venue A more detailed info about flights, airlines and buses can be found in the wiki.

Travel coordination

Some people prefer coming in groups. If you are interested in coordinated travel, add yourself to the wiki list for:


Getting to the hotel and venue

Please read the following articles which will provide detailed explanation on where to go after the arrival. Choose the location you are coming from:

   From the international airport
   From the Guatemala border

Contact information

Contact information can be found at contact page.

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